Month: January 2018

Attending Industry Events Will Improve Your Business

As many others in the industry I invest a ton of time at industry events. Setting my calendar early for the my “don’t miss” events in the industry, I believe is very important to the success of our businesses.
Selling what you do and how you do it is not always done at the boardroom table or in someone’s office. Many deals are initiated on the trade show floor, conference event, golf course, ski hill, fishing boat and for some (including me) tipping a pint with someone at a watering hole. Sometimes it is a combination of all of these.

It’s a Dogs Life, or It Should Be

My family are dog lovers, all of us, they have been such a big part of our life since day one. Lisa and I grew up with dogs, she says her first love was an over protective boxer when she was a little girl. For me my pal was a huge German Sheppard who loved playing hockey with me on the creek, he would chance that puck for hours and he was tough to stick handle around.