Month: November 2018

Keeping Pace with Tech Savvy Drivers

I don’t know too many people in our industry who are not involved in some sort of social media, it is a part of what we do, some do it better than others.  Regardless if it is a website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Snapchat or other platforms just around the corner, the trucking industry is using social media.  Marketing to customers, communicating with staff/associates and recruitment/retention.

Truckers or as I like to say Mobile Profit Center Operator’s are on side as well. Reported recently by marketing company Rand-Reilly, 79.9% of company drivers and 69.7% of owner-operators us social media with Facebook and YouTube as the most popular.  With their being such a demand for quality drivers and the shortage we’re experiencing this is an excellent opportunity for companies to recruit drivers.  KJ Media says 95% of todays truck drivers have smartphones, and 65% use their phones to apply for a new job. Young and old, drivers are using social media. Using a mobile friendly application should be part of your hiring and screening process.  Companies need to remember this and ensure there platforms are informative, engaging websites to attract the people.  Paying attention to this will not only attract more people but should also bring you a hiring quality of applicant.

There are lots of opinions and good information out there for you to find. I am not tech savvy at all, ask my lovely wife Lisa, my children or those I work with, they will confirm this, but I try.  I’m getting better and making an effort. That is the key.

Speaking of information about Social Media and education, the 2019 TTSAO Conference Committee has arranged to have Kimberly Biback of Sharp Transportation talk about Social Media and the trucking industry. Kimberly has presented on social media for a number of groups and there has been positive feedback.

This will be just part of a great line up and speakers which includes an afternoon of meetings with carriers, insurance, schools, a general meeting for all delegates followed by a reception featuring Glenn Caldwell. Glenn will be talking about The Power of Positive Networking and being a positive influence in the transportation industry.

Day two will feature addresses from the Provincial government, a panel on school and carrier best practices.  Industry leaders will discuss the benefits of associations and how to get the most out or your membership. The first ever TTSAO/PayBright Instructor of the Year Award will be presented, followed by Mike Thompson’s Presentation – The Technology Behind the Paper.

It promises to be a great conference. Mark your calendar for February 27/28, 2019, held at the IHSA Conference Center 5110 Creekbank Road in Mississauga.

For more information visit or email or call 416 623 5461.