Month: September 2019

My Recent Book Experience – Winning Online

If your in business who doesn’t want to increase their visibility and crush their competition.  Harry, my mentor use to say to say “keep your friends close and competition closer and as long as your driving the bus all your competitors are just passengers watching you drive”.  At our businesses we’re always looking for the edge over our competitors.

Back in July we attended the Transcore Link Logistics Seminar and Golf Day, Claudia Milicevic, Karen Jones and their team always hit it out of the park and I love listening to “Ace” McCarron MC an event.  I have not been able to attend every year but when I am able I always learn something that can improve our businesses.  Hats off to TransCore.

This year was no different, Joel Mandelbaum was one of the presenters and is the author of Winning Online.  What Joel said in his 5 minute presentation and then afterwards on the panel really tweaked my interest.  I looked forward to opening the book that he supplied every delegate and learning more.  His book is full of ideas and stories, framework and key principles to help crush your competition.  In Joel’s book he lays out 10 Steps to Winning Online;

  1. Check Your Health
  2. Maximize Your Time
  3. Persuade With Power
  4. Make Search Engines Work For You
  5. Capitalize on “Review Marketing”
  6. Evaluate the Profitability of Online Ads
  7. Identify Where Your Profit Comes From
  8. Over Service Your Customers
  9. Create a Customer-Centric Company
  10. Recognize That Your Business IS an Online Marketing Company


At the end of each chapter you can review the summary and consider the key concepts portrayed within the story; most importantly, you can explore how the chapter relates to your primary product or service, your industry, and the current “state” of your business.  I encourage anyone in the business world who is looking to crush their competition to read this book.

On another note we at Transrep are really excited to have announced our National Recruiting & Retention Symposium (NRRS) dates and venue.  With year one in the books being a sellout with rave reviews, our team is already looking to raise the bar for 2020.  The date is Friday April 24th with a new venue partner, Lionhead Golf and Conference Center in Mississauga that will accommodate our expected growth and offer our delegates and sponsors an amazing experience.  The agenda is being set and promises to be 100 percent educational for all Recruiting and HR Professionals who attend.

We have added a little twist for the night before on Thursday April 23rd, instead of the standard cocktail party we’re billing it as an Industry Appreciation, Networking and Prize Night.  For delegates it will be included in the registration and for those who can not attend the Symposium you will be able to attend for a small fee. The prizes have already starting to roll in.  The Truckload Carrier Association (TCA) in my opinion hosts one of the best annual conferences in North America for the trucking Industry and they have offered up a full registration package for their 2021 Conference in Nashville.  The Private Motor Trucking Council of Canada (PMTC) has done the same for their 2020 Conference which is held in Niagara Falls. This is just a couple of the prizes and the night will be filled with fun, networking and industry people.  We will also have many vendors and suppliers who will have product and service information booths set up so those attending can see the latest and greatest.

Registration will open soon and for the “early bird” registration we’re offering up a free nights accommodation at the beautiful Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville.  Save the Date April 23rd and 24th.

I want to close out my blog by saying congrats to the Convoy For Special Olympics!  If you have never attended this event I really encourage you to check it out for next September.  As always I left with a full heart watching as our industry once again stepped to the plate very unselfishly with their time and donations.  To all the volunteers, you did an amazing job!