Month: January 2020

Recruitment of Top Talent

There is lots of noise going on when it comes to recruitment of talent in our industry.  At Transrep we have been in the placement business for a number of years.  Let me clarify our market, we recruit and place in positions in all management levels up to senior executive positions for the transportation industry.  One of the gentleman on our team refers to it as Executive Placement and does not want to be referred to as “headhunters”,  but that is what the industry refers to us as so I’m good with it.
It’s a complicated business and like any service,  building a solid model and framework was important to us, having a plan of how we execute and deliver is very important.  Now if I revealed our “secret sauce” that would not be good for business but if you give me a call I can explain our process and fee structure.
I will share with you some of the common mistakes our customers make that you should avoid if your going ever looking to use this type of service;
  1. Decision makers do not react fast enough.  Be engaged with potential hires we put in front of you.  We’re going to work really hard at doing all the things you don’t have time to do because your busy running your business.
  2. Clients forget the importance of showcasing why our client should make a change from their current employer.  The showcase of your business and the culture of your company is very important.  The people we represent are the best in their class, 95% of them are employed but looking for a change and an upgrade from their current company.  Culture of the company, how their going to be treated, career growth and salary is at the top of our high performers minds.
  3. Representation is open to anyone who wants our service, not so.  For the Transrep model we vet all companies and have turned away those who do not fit or meet our expectations.  There is no sense wasting anyones time.
  4. Confidentially is critical in what we do on both sides during the process. Loose lips sink ships and a career could be ruined by not ensuring the confidentiality clause is respected on both ends.
  5. People will meet when your ready and on your terms. Not true. Good people and top talent is hard to find.  When we have someone for you to meet with make yourself available, this could mean away from the office initially and could mean early morning or evening appointment.  It could even mean a weekend meeting.
So when your looking to hire an Executive Placement company or considering a change in your current provider look for the following;
A) You want a firm that is passionate
B) Connected to Social Media
C) An influencer in the industry
D) Understands empathy for the clients on both sides
E) Tenacity to find your next great hire
The Transrep team connects and checks every box and we are confident in our services.  Were so confident that we offer up a six month guarantee, if your hire doesn’t work out in the first six months, we replace them,   no questions asked.
Give me a call to learn more 905-512-0254