Month: February 2020

A Few Thoughts about Recruiting

The driver shortage continues to be the number one concern in our industry for most.  With our business ventures we get to talk to all types of companies who have driver issues, we attend many events annually and as a buddy says “you can’t swing a cat around a room by the tail without hitting someone who is talking about the driver shortage”.  He is a funny guy and smart too.

Here are a couple of my thoughts about recruitment;

  • For most companies there are mixed messages about their driving opportunities.  Every team member should be delivering the same message, keep it short, write it down, be sure everyone understands the message.
  • Tighter hiring criteria leads to higher retention.  The insurance industry is tightening things up but I think it goes further than that.  Once you identify your companies ideal driver, set the criteria and shoot for it every day.
  • 20% of the driver turnover is the same drivers moving from company to company.  This is their DNA, stay away from them, there probably not going to change.
  • In some cases I think recruiters are misleading with how their paid.  Many are compensated for putting people in the seats, I don’t disagree with this but I think they need to be compensated on the back end as well for the drivers that they recruit and keep for a year.
  • More attention needs to be paid to the drivers and their recruiting efforts.  Satisfied drivers who are looked after and treated with dignity and respect they deserve can be one of your companies best recruitment tools.  Remember, referrals don’t drive your business, drivers do.
  • Be innovative, innovation needs to be a habit not a goal.

Some of the brightest minds in the transportation industry will gather April 23rd and 24th at the National Recruiting and Retention Symposium in Mississauga Ontario at Lionhead Golf and Conference Center. The entire event will be chocked full of information to better recruit and retain for the transportation Industry and not just the driver.  You will take away ideas to improve your company.

Last year was a sell out and the majority of those attending were people from recruiting, retention, Human Resources and management, Association representatives, government and service providers made up the rest of the delegates registered.

For more information about registration or sponsorship opportunities go to

I hope to see you there.