Month: June 2020

Been Working on Some Stuff

For those that know me I have a hard time with biting my lip, I have been working on it and it’s hard. I have been around this industry since 1983, I have developed rhino skin, I am opinionated and have no problem sharing my educated opinion about the industry. Chewing on my words before I spit them out has been a project, it can be frustrating for me but honestly it has helped.

My hours at the office since March 19th have been very few, maybe 10 total, 15 minutes here 1/2 hour there. Visits to customers, zero, visits with business partners, 3. COVID-19 has hurt, professionally, personally and financially, it has hurt us all. Zoom calls, conference calls, Microsoft teams, virtual conferences, 100’s, for someone who is not known as technically savvy person I think I have done okay. Little help now and again, thank you!

Much of my time since March 19th has been spent on two fronts;

  1. My role as TTSAO President. For something that is suppose to be a part time gig it has been nothing but full time most weeks since early March consumed with calls with Serco, MTO, other industry associations, members phone calls, emails, updates, board calls, media calls. Extraordinary times on the TTSAO front. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute learning so much. Our weekly calls with The Minister of Transportation, Minister Mulroney have been very fulfilling for me, very rewarding both personally and professionally. What goes on behind the scenes like  calls, the lobbying, the negotiating, the positioning, the development of relationships, I have enjoyed it! Thank you to the TTSAO for allowing me the opportunity to be your be your President.
  2. Our team at TransRep has been really busy on many fronts. We have some pretty cool changes to a couple of our services at TransRep. Our Executive Placement business has had some major changes, all for the better. Quietly, our executive placement has been good to us, it is a perfect fit for who we are and what we do. At the end of the day we love to help people and businesses succeed, human capital, great human capital is critical to the success of any operation. We have had our share of great and our share of bad, thankfully there has been much more of the good. I’m a firm believer you can’t run an A class businesses with C class talent.  Timely, Effective, Reliable. 3 key words that have been driving our team since we started the process of the new plan. The TransRep team is excited and we’re looking forward to our new innovative approach that will embrace technology and people as we move forward to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

As I rap up I want to thank all of those who have continued to stick behind the National Recruiting & Retention Symposium.  All of our sponsors have remained on board along with the delegates and with strong hope and optimism we will be a go at the end of October. Thank you!