Month: October 2020

Virtual Driver Safety Meeting During American Thanksgiving

For over three decades our industry and customers look to KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. and our team for fresh value. We are known as innovators and we have always believed that innovation trumps repeating what has always worked in the past.  In today’s climate and dealing with COVID-19 it has never been more important to get creative and innovative. Thank goodness we have had many years of practice and we love wowing our customers and industry.

With social distancing, government regulations and industry protocols it is going to be very difficult for companies to host Driver Safety Meetings, and the American Thanksgiving has always been a very popular time to hold these safety meetings. KRTS in partnership with Safety Dawg (Chris Harris) will be hosting a Virtual Driver Safety meetings twice over the American Thanksgiving on November 27th and 28th. This will allow companies and their drivers the flexibility to choose a date that works best for them.

Both Safety Meetings will run from 10 am – 12 noon eastern time.

Topics will include:

  • Winter Driving
  • Speed and Space Management
  • How To Have An Exceptional Experience At the Weigh Scales
  • Pre Trip and Post Trip Expectations Across North America

We have teamed up with long time industry veteran Chris Harris of Safety Dawg and CVSA Director Kerri Wirachowsky of the Roadside Assistance Program to educate those attending.

Registration has been made simple and affordable.

1 Driver $49.99

10-19 Drivers $499.00

20 and above $899.00

A Certificate of completion will be provided for those who attend. Most importantly the program is very driver friendly with easy instructions to follow and attend.

For us at KRTS and our partner Safety Dawg we have determined through our research and development that companies and insurers’ support and embrace the concept of on going and regular Driver Safety Meetings. Education is important to companies culture and to meet insurability, compliance and regulatory standards in North America.

For more information or to register contact Kim Sytsma-Hill at 800-771-8171 ext. 205 or