Month: November 2020

Virtual Meeting Regarding Finishing Programs

As the industry starts to ramp up again and the driver shortage escalates along with the hard insurance market mentoring new drivers and having a solid finishing program is important.

On Thursday November 25th at 10 am the TTSAO Carrier Group and the TTSAO Insurance Group are hosting a one hour meeting to talk about finishing programs, insurance criteria and how the two link together. We’re pretty fortunate to have Caroline Blaise from Kriska and Steve Newton from Challenger to discuss some of what they do with mentoring new drivers and their finishing programs.

From the insurance sector we have our TTSAO Insurance Chairperson Lisa Arseneau having a candid conversation with Scott Creighton of Northbridge Insurance about the importance the finishing programs and insurability.

I want to give a big shout out to the interim Chairman of the TTSAO Carrier Group, Gerald Carroll for setting up this meeting and bringing everyone together for this opportunity.

It will be a full hour of education and information regarding some best practices and insurability for entry level and existing drivers in the commercial industry.

There is no fee to attend and you can register by emailing