Month: January 2021

Who’s In your Square Squad?

For the last 10 months I have been focused on working on my leadership skills. I think I am decent leader but I want to be better.

As a young competitive athlete I was known as a team guy and was fortunate enough to be part of some pretty amazing teams both on the ice and on the fastball diamond. There are so many lessons learned in sports that apply to the business world.

Starting out in business in 1989 and bringing on employees/associates I often turned back to my sports days to reflect on what I had learned and needed to do to lead in business. I needed to be a team guy which included determination, practicing and working hard at the skill, working together to win as a team and setting a good example for my teammates in business. It has been a journey and I must admit in the early days and sometimes even now after 30 plus years I struggle with my leadership abilities at times. For the most part it has worked out and I have had many great teammates along the way for which I am very thankful. I continue to invest the time, energy and resources to becoming the best leader I can which means plenty of reading, diarizing and practicing what I am learning.

One of my industry pals who is part of my network knows I have been working on my leadership skills and gave me a great book on leadership for Christmas, Dare to Lead by Brene’ Brown. I’m just a quarter of the way into the book but I am really enjoying it, I have never heard of Brene’ but I am so glad my pal introduced to me to her work. In her book she talks about having a “Square Squad”, a squad of people who’s opinion really matter. most of us do right? Sometimes opinions can overwhelm us and they come from all directions. Here is what she suggests to focus on, the opinions that matter.

On a one inch by one inch piece of paper write the names of the people who’s opinion really matter to you. Put in in your wallet/purse to remind yourself when needed. Next, reach out or call those on your “Square Squad” and let them know your getting really clear on who’s opinion matters to you. Thank them for being one of those people and let them know that you are grateful that they care enough to be honest and real with you. This is all part of your self-awareness and self-love and it matters.

Who we are is how we lead. Good stuff!

Something else worth mentioning is our team at Transrep would like to thank all of our sponsors and delegates who continue to support our decision to move the National Recruiting and Retention Symposium to the end of October. We were hoping to run it in person in April but that’s not going to happen due to COVID-19.

We will host another Mini Virtual Symposium on April 22nd from 10-12 to thanks our sponsors and delegates for once again sticking with us. The lineup at time of this blog is being finalized but I encourage you get it in your calendar, its going to be another great event and will be free of charge.

One final mention, I want to thank my industry friends and business colleagues at the Trucking Human Resource Council of Atlantic Canada (THRSC) for allowing me the opportunity to present at one of their recent virtual events on networking. Helping others succeed and paying it forward to others is important to me and a passion of mine. I hope those who attended enjoyed it as much as I did talking about it.

Be safe and healthy and hopefully it won’t be long before we are enjoying each other’s company and friendship in person.