I am often amazed when I talk to decision makers in our industry about the importance of ongoing education and certification for the people we employ. Some get it but many don’t. Not long ago I had the President of a reputable trucking company say to me “I pay to help educate and certify people and they just end up leaving and going somewhere else”. My response, what if you don’t educate and certify them and they stay? Is that a better result? You cannot afford not to invest in your people.

The companies that “get it”, invest in their people by encouraging them to attend courses to learn more about their chosen career. These companies know they will be the benefactor of such training and understand
that by making their people better it makes their company better. It will also go a long way to improve the bottom line. Ongoing education and having your people “certified” in what they do for your company has huge benefits. It can give you an edge over your competition, plug you into new networks, give your employees confidence by rounding out their knowledge and it gives your company additional credibility.

Personally I cheated myself in my formal education. Once I grew up and landed back on earth it was not long before I was knee deep in a startup business with lots of energy and limited talent. Thank goodness I started to get some much needed education in my chosen field. Yes, I grew up in the industry, washed trucks, dumped oil and did some maintenance on well-worn trucks between training sessions but I lacked a professional designation and some well needed formal education. We all want to be better at what we do, and like many others I am proud of my certificates but more importantly, I am delighted with what that education has done for me and our companies.

So what’s out there today for safety professionals and driver trainers? Look no further than NATMI – North American Transportation Management Institute. KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. has been offering NATMI courses for a number of years and we have certified many of the transportation professionals in our industry. NATMI is affordable, the courses are short, the instructors are long time industry professionals and the participants love the courses.

We’re expanding our courses this year, offering more times and location options. We’re also offering the course in Nova Scotia again in a partnership with Trucking Human Resources Council of Atlantic Canada.

Are you interested in learning more about the Certified Director of Safety Course or the Certified Driver Trainer Course? Give us a call or go to www.krway.com for program dates and costs.