A number of years ago when Transrep Inc. was founded, we had a great idea of capitalizing on years of our networking, building our contact lists and establishing credibility with what we did and how we did it. Over our three decades, customers liked us and trusted us which I believe is two ingredients to anyone’s success in business and life.
Transrep Inc. was founded with the premise that we could help introduce best in class services and products to companies who would benefit from the services and products improving their bottom line and increasing revenues. Transrep Inc.’s first client grew their business 35% in our first year of doing business with them. The client was introduced to companies they never thought they would have the benefit of doing business with.

Transrep continued to grow its client base with satisfied customers. One day over coffee with a colleague of mine he was impressed listening to the Transrep Inc. story. As we chatted it became clear to me that if we were having success with introducing best in class service and products to industry contacts, why couldn’t we do it with people? Why couldn’t Transrep Inc. get into the executive management and placement business? So we did.
We put our business plan together which for me generally involves a drink napkin to write on and a couple beverages to help stimulate the thoughts. We did a ton of research, looked at some of the best executive search companies in the business and we built our strategy and game plan. We would get the word out through a small network of some of our trusted peers and let best in class companies know what we were doing.

This sector of our business has been quite successful for us at Transrep and we believe we have a great formula;
1) Service is 100% confidential to the companies looking for best in class talent and for those clients looking to go to work at those companies.
2) We only deal with companies we like and trust.
3) We have 100% money back guarantee on all people we place at the companies.

To date we have placed many clients quietly with some really good companies. Now it is time to grow this sector of our business at Transrep Inc. We have brought a long time industry veteran to assist in the growth. We will be taking the lid off of what we are doing and where we are heading with the Transrep executive and placement business in the near future.
So if your company is looking for great talent or you have great talent and are looking for a great company, give Transrep a call. We will be happy to assist with your goals and objectives.
Yes, I’m excited! Good luck to all in 2016.