I am so pleased that industry experts like Kelly Henderson, Scott Rea and Joel Mandelbaum have agreed to participate in our Virtual National Recruiting & Retention Mini Symposium which our team has decided to host on June 26th.

Let’s face it folks, these are extraordinary times and we’re all trying to do our thing one way or another. When the pandemic hit our team got together to discuss what we were going to do about the date change for the National Recruiting & Retention Symposium (NRRS) which was originally scheduled for April. Easy decision, we talk to our venue partner and we move it. At the time, June seemed to be reasonable, we wanted to be sure we didn’t interfere with any other events and away we go. Done! Wishful thinking that in three months we would all be back to work, and business will be rolling again. We called all of our sponsors, many who have paid, we reached out to are over 100 delegates registered to date and all were good to go!

BAM! COVID-19 continues and so does the carnage in the business world. Back to the drawing board! What do we do now? The options our team discussed; cancel until next year, move the date to the end of October, have a virtual conference? We decided to reach out to our sponsors, some of the delegates and some of our trusted industry advisors (you know who you are) to help with the decision. Most said run it in October. If the pandemic is still here we can refund everyone and cancel it until 2021. Decision made.

On May 1st we notified everyone, called our sponsors who have committed and some who have paid in full, 100% support! Not one cancelled, we all were so happy! The delegates, well over 100 now all in.  On behalf of our entire NRRS team we can’t thank you enough for sticking behind us, what an amazing group you are.

Now it gets better, we decided that we needed to do something in the meantime. We got together with the team to strategize. The idea on the table, a mini Symposium delivered virtually. We asked our three keynotes to participate in a 1-hour virtual mini symposium to discuss their educational topic, no questions asked – they were happy to help. Amazing people Kelly, Scott and Joel are. Thank you!  On June 26th they will give a brief intro to what they will be presenting at the end of October. The three experts are going to give those who register for the mini Symposium something to take away that will benefit you and your companies. One hour, call it “speed educating” virtually, complementary, on behalf of our sponsors. Our team is brilliant! We don’t cancel, we move the date and have a mini Symposium virtually for an hour.

In just a few short days we have many registered for the Mini Symposium and we are hoping to have 150 register.

Check it out, this is open to anyone in the industry who wants to attend, register multiple people if you like, we really want to show our sponsors and our industry that we care.

At the end of our time on earth people won’t care about what you made they will care about what you gave. There is no better time to give than now. This type of thinking is very important to our family and our businesses.

Stay positive everyone. We’re going to be better on the other side of this COVID-19 thing. Embrace the positives this has brought to you and your families, your loved ones. I know I am.

To register and for more information on the Mini Symposium go to https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8657351554170847503 or visit https://transrep.ca/symposium/ for more details on the National Recruiting & Retention Symposium.