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Using a Third party to Obtain your Driver Abstracts

For most trucking companies, asking for a drivers abstract is one of the first steps in the hiring process. This is for a number of reasons, for one your insurance company requires this be done, two it is part of the National Safety Code requirement in Canada. It is one of the first documents asked for during an audit from government or a safety specialists. You should have an updated driver abstract in your DQF every 6 months.
Using a third party to access all of your abstracts is really a good business decision, I sum it up in three words; affordable, timely and authentic. All three are important so let’s break them down.
Affordable: Third party services complete so many abstracts and this gives them big buying power, in most cases they can perform this task for the same price or slightly more then you would pay allowing you to perform other daily tasks which in the long run saves your company money.
Timely: Let face it with the war on talent happening in our industry with drivers, the faster you can give a yes to a potential hire the better. A third party gets the abstract completed very quickly, in most cases in 24 hours. If you tell your third party you need it ASAP they can spin it around even quicker for you.
Authenticity: This should be the number one reason you farm out all your abstracts to a third party. With todays technology and the ability for a driver to fudge the documents so easy using a third party is good business sense. Some insurance companies actually recommend using a third party for this one reason alone.
At KRTS and Transrep we encourage all of our corporate clients and anyone we do business with to use a third party. For us and many others in the industry it has always been MEE, (Making Eligibility Easy). They are a division of ISB Global Services, one the largest document sourcing companies in the world used by many corporate giants which give them major league buying power.
Not only do many of our customers use MEE for driver abstracts but for other services as well. They are one stop shop for ordering, storing and managing your Driver Qualification Files (DQF). The MEE single web portal streamlines the recruiting process and makes eligibility easy, dramatically reducing the hiring cycle so that you can hire better drivers quicker.
Companies in the transportation and insurance business call MEE their “hiring Jeannie” bringing the necessary driver documents to the HR and recruiting team in a click of a button allowing them to work on recruiting other drivers or other tasks streamlining the hiring process. Insurance companies, government authorities like the Ministry of Transportation and others love the platform for ease during audits and inspections.
Learn more about the the MEE services by going to www.isbglobalservices.com