I love sharing with my network of colleagues in our industry, opportunities that make our businesses better, more efficient and effective. If your organization is not dealing with DriverCheck regarding all of your medical testing and assessment needs I encourage you to read on.
For the many that are using DriverCheck you already know they are the best at what they do. Having a competitive advantage by managing your testing and assessment programs for a healthy and safe workplace should always be paramount.
Being able to focus on your core business and partnering with DriverCheck will definitely give you a leg up on your competition. One of the things I value in working with DriverCheck is that they understand our industry and they all understand a one size fits all approach does not work.
The trucking industry has many segments and each segment needs to be treated differently. DriverCheck is a one stop shop for all of your medical testing and assessment services. Their team of qualified professionals are the industry’s choice when it comes to such things as alcohol and drug testing, occupational health, fatigue management and remote medical services. DriverCheck has many other services and we encourage you to reach out to them to discuss a program that is right for your budget and company.
I will tell you what I have learned by working with them is that they have a long steep history in the trucking industry. They have an innovative group of leaders on their executive team that we have worked with and are very interested in continued growth. DriverCheck has hand picked their in house physicians and are known for being the best in their field.
Another thing that will impress you is that DriverCheck has a number of clinics available across the country along with a team of certified collectors, technicians, nurses and other specialists available for you. All of DriverChecks team at the clinics understand that being in and out with the proper services provided in a timely fashion is very important to their clients.
The DriverCheck culture of excellence is supported by an outstanding customer service team. You will always have the option of connecting to a live person to the department you are calling. No voicemail, no run-around.
Are you interested in learning more about why we work with DriverCheck? Reach out to Jamie Phillips at 905-572-3445 or email jphillips@krway.com to learn more.