There is such a need for education for people involved in recruiting, retention and Human Resources in the transportation industry. Our family businesses have been involved in helping carriers in this area for 30 years.  About three years ago we were at a TCA Human Resource function in Indianapolis, during dinner with Geoff Topping of Challenger Motor Freight the topic turned to education for this sector of the industry. Its really been on the back burner since then and last fall we started the plan for NRRS 2019.

Our goal is to make it 100 % educational for all who attend. We vision delegates talking away a boat load of information and tools that they can put to use the very next week when they return to work.

The Friday night networking, cocktail and introductions of our sponsors will give those who register an opportunity to learn about products, services and great associations in the business of transportation. We decided to host this event on a Saturday so everyone would have an opportunity to attend. For those who may have had a difficult time getting away from work, having the Symposium on a Saturday allows for some flexibility.

We have assembled a terrific line up of great presenters and educators, there will be a wealth of knowledge to be shared and for those who attend the entire day a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

We have been helping companies for a long time with their recruiting, retention and HR plans. The symposium is a more formal approach towards the education of professionals who are in HR and work at the recruitment and retention of people in transportation.

We’re excited so check us out at